5 Cool Golden Demon Entries from Games Day 2013

As there weren’t actually any games on Games Day 2013 (outside of the valiant efforts by the guys from Fantasy Flight to demo some of their board games), the Golden Demons and Armies on Parade painting competition were the only “fan-contribution” to the event (beyond shopping).

Here’s a choice of 5 miniatures from the Golden Demons that I liked. Once again, I am not a master-painter, much less a judge, and I mean no disrespect to any miniatures I didn’t pick here.

A full rundown of the Golden Demons can be found at Tartan Paint (owner of most pics seen below), Volomir’s Blog, and Masterminis.net. Thanks for taking and sharing these great pictures!

#5 – Ultramarines Banner by Pedro Souto

Ultramarines Banner Bearer

I love pieces like this. An absolutely ridiculously awesome Ultramarines banner from Pedro Souto, which took the Silver Demon in Warhammer 40K Single.


#4 – Skinkalicious

Games Day 2013 Golden Demon Winning Skinks

All right. I am cheating a bit here. This is not one entry, but three. I mean no offence to the great artists (Camelson (?), David Soper, Conrad Mynett) who painted each and everyone of these miniatures, but I just had to put them together.

The miniatures above are – left to right – the Golden, Silver and Bronze Demon for Warhammer Fantasy Single Miniature!

Painters love the little Lizard!

#3 – Carmine Dragon by Adam Skinner

Warhammer Fantasy Dragon Silver Demon 2013

This absolutely mad Dragon by Adam Skinner, which took the Silver Demon for Warhammer Fantasy Monsters.

I really do have a weak spot for this kind of insane freehand-stuff and detailing.

#2 – Space Marines Biker by Mathieu Fontaine

Space Marines Biker Golden Demon Games Day 2013

Ok, after that freehand-binge, here’s a wicked cool Space Marines Biker painted by Mathieu Fontaine, winner of the Golden Demon for Warhammer 40K Vehicle.

No over-the-top banner here… just a perfect paint job!

#1 – Slayer Sword Diorama by David Soper

The incredible Slayer-Sword-winning Dark Eldar Diorama by David Soper. Needs no words….

Golden Demon UK 2013 Slayer Sword Winner David Soper


  • Which one is your favourite miniature?
  • Did you attend Games Day and get a look at the Golden Demons personally?
  • Did you attend Games Day?