5 Golden Demon-Winning Dwarfs

The Dwarfs are coming back to Warhammer! Reason enough to see how the most talented hobbyists of the past have interpreted the vertically challenged grudge-bearers of Warhammer Fantasy. A selection of Dwarfs from past Golden Demons!


#1 – Dwarf Quarrelers by Jesse Hodges

Dwarf Regiment Golden Demon

Is it just me, or did Dwarfs seem smaller back in the day? The most recent Dwarf-miniatures from Games Workshop often feel like Dwarfs had a barrel of Ent-draught going round.

Either way, here’s a truly old-school regiment of Dwarf Quarrelers, painted by Jess Hodges – which took at Golden Demon for best Warhammer Regiment in the U.S. in 2007.

#2 – Dwarf Lord by Tim Holly

Old School Dwarf Lord

Old-school Dwarfs were popular in the states in 2007. The same year the regiment above took a Golden Demon, this Dwarf Lord, painted by Tim Holly, took home the golden trophy in the category of Warhammer Fantasy Single Miniature.

Old-school, all right, but all those reflections and details … insane!

#3 – Dwarf Submarine by Olivier Bredy

Dwarf Submarine by Olivier Bredy

Dwarfs are famous for their wonders of engineering. An awesome and unusual take on the mechanical obsession of Dwarfs is this Dwarf Submarine, painted by Olivier Bredy, which won a Golden Demon as best diorama in Germany in … wait for it … 2007!

#4 – Dwarf Lord by David Waeselnyck

Dwarf Lord by David Waeselnick

David Waeselnyck seems to enjoy painting Dwarfs a lot. His Dwarfs, unlike many, tend to be painted in far more sober colours, along with grim poses, that give Dwarfs a grim majesty, which the brighter, more common painting style (led by GW’s ‘Eavy Metal Team) is often missing. This Dwarf Lord from Games Day France in 2006 is a good example.

#5 – Dwarf Slayer by David Waeselnyck

Golden Demon Winning Dwarf Slayer

David Waeselnyck back for an encore. In France in 2006, his Dwarf Lord (above) won a Golden Demon for best Fantasy Miniature. Two years later, he took home the Slayer Sword with this fantastic … well … Dwarf Slayer from the open category (probably not 28mm?).

Well deserved!


I am always amazed how much variety, how many different styles top painters can apply to Dwarfs, who seem – at first glance – pigeonholed to metal-and-gems.