5 Warhammer 40K Special Characters that are still Lost

Warhammer 40K 6th Edition has revived several fan-favourite Special Characters. Interrogator-Chaplain Asmodai for the Dark Angels. Choppy Ethereal Aun’Shi for the Tau Empire. Possibly some for Chaos Daemons?

Still, there are a few ex-Warhammer 40K Special Characters still M.I.A. Some silly, some with great potential (in my opinion). Here’s my list of classic 40K Characters in need of a come-back.

#1 – Makari the Grot

Makari The Grot

Makari the Grot (right)

Orks don’t have a shortage of fun characters. Makari – the old, trusty companion of Ghazghkull Thraka is still lost. Makari is known for being the luckiest Gretchin ever, surviving for many years under Warboss Ghazghkull Thraka.

Admittedly, the 4th Edition Orks Codex mentions Ghaz accidentally sat on him at one point, after which he was fed to a Squig.

Don’t believe it! In 2nd Edition, Makari was almost impossible to kill (luckiest Gretchin ever!), so I am sure he would’ve survived this particular episode too!

#2 – Lord Commander Solar Macharius

The Macharius Crusade

Lord Commander Solar Macharius

Ok. Makari may have been a bit of a joke. Lord Commander Solar Macharius – the greatest Imperial Guard commander in Imperial history – clearly is not.

Games Workshop appears to be stepping lightly with “historical” characters (though I cannot see them dropping Eldrad in the new Eldar Codex). Macharius is a pretty big guy in Imperial History (modelled closely after Alexander the Great, who was born in Macharus!).

Moreover, Black Library’s running a novel trilogy on him: The Macharian Crusade. It started last year with Angel of Fire. The second instalment, Fist of Demetrius, is scheduled for June this year.

So why can’t Macharius be fielded in the game?

#3 – Cypher

Dark Angels Fallen Angel Cypher


The Dark Angels Space Marine have some of the coolest background in Warhammer 40K (though I feel the 6th Edition Codex falls short of the potential by taking most of the ambiguity out of it).

Cypher is a big part of that. Rumours of his return to the game surrounded the Dark Vengeance box, the Chaos Space Marines Codex and, finally, the Dark Angels Codex. He failed to show up!

Obviously, his background makes army composition difficult, especially if you don’t want to give away his ultimate allegiance. Still, Games Workshop should’ve done… something!

#4 – Anghkor Prok

Kroot Special Character

Anghkor Prok

I don’t want to hit on the new Tau Empire Codex too much. It’s a fine book. It certainly brought some great new Tau Special Characters to the game. I also respect the focus they’ve given to the Tau, rather than their Xenos-allies (thus we may foolishly hope for an “allies-codex”).

Nevertheless, Kroot are popular, and a Kroot Special Character would’ve been nice.

Anghkor Prok, though he has never been officially in a Tau Codex, would’ve fit the role perfectly. He’s considered a legendary Kroot leader, possibly the greatest Kroot to have ever lived.

He does share the “historical figure problem” with Solar Macharius. Still, including Anghkor Prok would’ve been sweet. Better than no Kroot character at all

#5 – Doomrider

Chaos Space Marines Doomrider


Repeat after me!

Oh great Lord Slaanesh, send forth your servant, the Daemon Prince Doomrider!

Let our enemies tremble in ruptured awe before his fearsome visage!

Grant them an exquisite death, crushed beneath the flaming wheels of his chromium steed!

Permit them the ecstasy of being slaughtered by Doomrider’s throbbing Daemonsword and his pulsating gun of gushing plasma!

Bestow on them one fleeting moment of pleasure as they stare in wonder and orgasmic delight at one of your most divine creations before dying at his hand!

Oh great Lord Slaanesh, for these reasons and many others that tease and titillate our imaginations, we beseech you, send forth your servant, the Daemon Prince Doomrider!

The day will come when Doomrider rides again!