Beyond the Gates of Antares: Algoryn

Beyond the Gates of Antares Previews

Wow. Beyond the Gates of Antares was silent for a year, but now things are coming blow upon blow. First we’ve seen some painted, finished Boromites. Now, Warlord Games previews renders for the Algoryn Faction (which I don’t remember from the Kickstarter).

The Boromites had a kind of retro-charm, but the Algoryns … they are genuinely cool!

#1 – Beyond the Gates of Antares: Algoryn

Here is the Warlord Games preview on the Algoryn, along with a heavy dose of background!

Beyond the Gates of Antares Algoryn

The Algoryn Prosperate is a league of independent worlds that includes Algoryn colonies as well as affiliated worlds peopled by other pan-human types. The Algoryn are descended from root human types over many generations. They lack hair upon their heads, which are instead covered with crest-like keratinous growths. Similar nodules of keratin form a thick scaly layer upon their exposed flesh. This dense protective layer shields the Algoryn against the harsh rays of the twin suns of Algorya, which periodically bathe the planet in dangerous levels of heat and radiation. With that basic idea in mind we’ve worked to create a distinctive look that combines regular human anatomy with a unique twist, as you can see from these early concept renders.

Early Algoryn Head Renders

As we started to work out the designs for the different head treatments, it struck us that it would be cool to have a distinct appearance for the male and female Algoryn in terms of how we treated the projecting head scales. So, gnarly and irregular for the males and a more manicured look for the females. This gave us a further idea for the trooper types – with the different genders taking on different roles in the Algoryn military. I’ll cover the background and gaming aspects of all this in the future – for now let’s just take a peak at some of the work-in-progress.

Beyond the Gates of Antares

#2 – Thoughts?

Now that is the kind of thing I can get excited about. True, these are “only” renders, but if they turn into good miniatures and get packaged with a background-heavy book and a Bolt Action-based set of rules, BtGoA would be well poised for a spectacular return!