DreadBall Xtreme – Convicts Team

Mantic Games DreadBall Extreme Convicts

Mantic Games’ second Kickstarter for DreadBall, specifically the gritty and Xtreme Season 4 of DreadBall, is (presumably) creeping ever closer. A little teaser-picture of one of the teams, the Convicts (possibly just the temporary internet title) have appeared online.

#1 – The Convicts

The guy (presumably guard?) in the back is a bit strange. I assume he’s an alien convict, not a human, but the other sculpts look fun.

There are no less than 3 very different non-Guard sculpts (not counting the poor prone-marker clawing at his collar) in this picture, so one (or more) is either an “MvP” …  or could there be more to DreadBall Xtreme than the Striker-Jack-Guard trinity of DreadBall Seasons 1-3?

#2 – Thoughts?

Let me know what you think!

Orlando_the_Technicoloured: I’d go with the man & woman both being strikers based on the claw-glove, the big dude as you say being a guard and the two in hand made armour being jacks (the very blurred one of the two does look a bit non human to me)

Mike Earley: It looks fun, for sure. It’s amazing how much content they are pouring out for the game. Very exciting!