Dustcloud – Real-Life Blue Tooth Smartguns on Kickstarter

Dustcloud Kickstarter

People say there’s rarely every anything truly new in gaming on Kickstarter these days. Well… occasionally there are still new ideas. Dustcloud is clearly one of them.

It’s not a miniatures game, but a game to play cops & robbers assassins in the great, wild “real-life” outdoors…. with smart-guns and blue-tooth connection.

Have a look!

#1 – Dustcloud on Kickstarter


What is the Dustcloud?

It’s an underground network of spies. Who play stealth games in public places using electronic guns (called Dusters).

From what I read, you get a little blue-tooth gun (and a smart-phone app) to “dust” way with. There appear to be two different modes of play.

The first, which will probably be the more common one (especially in the States… where some nutter will probably take even that little gun as an excuse to shoot you down with a real gun), is to have a private game with some friends, shooting each other in the University dorms.

The second, more “spectacular” one, is to go “online” and use the world (or rather, your home-town) as a battlefield against anyone hooked to the systems. The Kickstarter-video shows of just this sort of game!


#2 – A Fistful of Dollars

The second mode of play will also be the one that “monetizes” the project (beyond Kickstarter), as you’ll eventually be asked to pay for your ammunition (or “specks”) at some point in 2015.

Dustcloud Specks

Speks are the electronic bullets you ‘shoot’ with your Duster. When you button-on for geo-combat, six speks are automatically loaded into your Duster’s magazine (you can transfer more if you need them from the ammunition bank in your smartphone).

When you play offline, all speks are free. When you play online, you can win speks by dusting other players, or earn them by achieving in-game objectives or consuming media. You can also buy speks for 5¢ each.

Of course, to get started (and to gauge general interest), the Kickstarter is looking for the not-so-insignificant sum of US$ 100.000,- on Kickstarter. So far, the Dustcloud-team has raised about 10% of this in the first two days.

The basic pledge for one iOS App and a set of starter “speks” is prized at US$ 45,-, though a few early birds are left.

#3 – Would you go “Dusting”?

I guess we all played like that way, way, way back, without blue-tooth-smart-guns, but hey. It could be fun.

To be fair, I see the larger potential in a club or group getting a set of these for the private kind of games, rather than the public “entire-world”-kind of games. I am not convinced that the latter would ever truly work “out of the box”, meaning without a club or group setting it up in a particular city or area to begin with.

What do you think of Dustcloud?

  • Is it innovative?
  • Is it “smart”?
  • Is it interesting?