Forge World Legion Medusa & Command Groups

Forge World seems to be a day early on their Friday releases! A healthy choice of new Heresy stuff… A Space Marines Legion Medusa and two Command Groups, one in MK II armour and one in MK III armour.

Have a look!

#1 – Space Marines Legions MK II Command Group

Forge World new Space Marines Legions Release

Some great models there for the MK II armour. I love the head-crest on the banner-bearer, which I prefer over the sideways one on the MK IV Command Group. Laurels and birds, however, make it a tough fit for some Legions (Space Wolves?) unless you’re comfortable with chopping away at pricey Forge World models.

Two models at £25.00.

#2 – Space Marines Legions MK III Command Group

Forge World MK III Command Group

The MK III variant is missing the head-crest, but I love the guy drawing his sword. Very cool!

Two models at £25.00.

#3 – Space Marines Legions Medusa

Space Marines Legion Medusa

And for all Space Marine players with a bit of Imperial Guard envy, the Legion Medusa!

Not how I envision (40K!) Space Marines warfare, but it is no doubt a cool-looking tank.

The Legion Medusa costs £59.00.

#4 – Thoughts?

The Heresy marches on. The 30K-Space-Marines-Miniature-range from Forge World is truly impressive by now.

Do any of these new addition tempt you to send some money towards Forge World? Are you collecting a Heresy-army?