New Tau Empire Battleforce: What About Troops?

Here is an interesting question to ponder. Along with the new Tau Empire Miniatures, Games Workshop is releasing a new Battleforce. So much so basic.

However, most existing Battleforces come with a healthy selection of Troop Choices – usually at least 2 – giving players a solid start into their army collection.

Looking at the new Tau Battleforce, Games Worskhop either abandoned this design-paradigm for Warhammer 40K Battleforces…

…or there’s a new addition to the troop-section of the Tau Empires Force Organisation Chart.

#1 – The Tau Empires Battleforce

Warhammer 40K New Tau Empires Battleforce

New Tau Empires Battleforce

Contents of the new Battleforce:

  • 12 Fire Warriors
  • 3 Crisis Suits
  • 3 Stealth Suits
  • 1 Piranha

#2 – Battleforce Comparison

That makes a decent enough starter deal, though it is a far cry from the old Tau Battleforce.

Contents of the old Tau Battleforce:

  • 1 Tau Crisis XV8 Battlesuit
  • 1 Tau Devilfish APC
  • 3 Tau Crisis XV25 Stealth Suits
  • 12 Tau Fire Warriors
  • 12 Kroot Carnivores

Obviously, if you want to load up on cheap Kroot, you should probably try to get a hold of the old Tau Empire Battleforce box.

More importantly, the old Battleforce includes two Troop Choices, Kroot and Firewarriors, which is pretty much standard for all Battleforces in 5th Edition.

  • Dark Eldar for example get both a unit of Wyches and a unit of Warriors.
  • Necrons get both a unit of Necron Warriors and a unit of Immortals.
  • Chaos Daemons even got three troop choices in the form of Bloodletters, Plaguebearers and Nurglings.
  • Only Chaos Space Marines are low on troops with only 10 basic Chaos Space Marines.

So what about the new Tau box?

Are there “new” Troop choices in the new Battleforce? Or did Games Workshop simply re-jig even the Battleforces (in line, perhaps, with Chaos Space Marines), to focus more on the fancy stuff?

What do you think?