Paolo Parente’s Anastyr Fantasy Wargame

Paolo Parente, the miniature and wargame designer of Dust fame, has a new project in the pipeline. Concept art and some early miniatures for his upcoming fantasy wargame, called Anastyr, have been made available. Though Anastyr has been around for a while, the success of Dust seems to have pushed it back a bit. But it looks like it has been revived now. Take a look at Paolo’s newest creations.

Wargaming Trends: From Steampunk to Fantasy

In earlier posts I’ve noted that 2012 appears to be heavily steampunk-flavoured. Spartan Games pushes into 28mm skirmish games with Dystopian Legions. Catalyst Game Lab’s enormous Leviathans just shipped this week. Even GW’s upcoming Dark Vengeance box features a limited-edition Chaplain with smoke-vents on his backpack.

By extension, the highly successful, alternative-history WWII Dust Warfare game could be added to the list, even though it strays further away from “classic” steam punk to what some people have dubbed “diesel punk”. The game, published by Fantasy Flight Games, made Paolo Parente, the inventor of the Dust universe, a widely recognized name in the world of miniature wargaming.

If 2012 is all about steam punk in its different incarnations, the tidings for next year seem to be all about (pulp-) fantasy games. Just yesterday I wrote about CMON’s next project, Wrath of Kings. Now, though the news have been out for a few days, I’d love to show you some of the artwork and miniatures for Paolo Parente’s latest project, Anastry.

Anastyr Miniature Showcases

Here are some of the painted, well-photographed miniatures that have been released to showcase the visuals of the new game. One is clearly a Barbarian of some sort. The other something akin to a Troll I would guess. There really isn’t any background yet to them. At least not any background that I am aware of.

Paolo Parente's Anastyr Barbarian
Paolo Parente's Anastyr Troll

Anastyr Concept Art

The concept art is more fun. It is clear that Paolo is keen to harness the feminine charms of sexy fantasy warrior princesses in an unabashed 1980s “chainmail-bikini-style”.

Paolo Parente Anastyr Female Warrior 1
Paolo Parente Anastyr Female Warrior 2

Anastyr Miniature Shots

And finally, here are a few miniature shots that were apparently taken at Gen Con. You’ll see some of the miniatures already noted above, as well as two different riders, one (scantily clad) female one male.

Anastyr Rider 1
Anastyr Rider 2 Paolo Parente
Paolo Parente Anastyr Rider 3
Paolo Parente Anastyr Troll Mini
Paolo Parente Anastyr Troll Mini 2

Whatever else Paolo is doing, he’s clearly switching it up from the WWII-inspired Dust miniatures he has produced.

What do you think about Anastyr? Do you like the miniature? Could you see yourself playing a “dust-like” (tactics or warfare) fantasy wargame?