Poll: Your Favourite 2nd Wave Dark Elf Release?

Dark Elves Second Wave

Games Workshop released the second wave of miniatures for Warhammer Fantasy Dark Elves. The first two-month release wave in 2013 so far. There are some really interesting miniatures in the mix, with possibly some clues for the future design direction of Warhammer Fantasy miniatures. So I thought I will put up a little survey of what people think of this new (2nd-wave) release!

Thoughts on the Miniatures

  • Dark Riders / Doomfire Warlocks

These miniatures don’t seem particularly popular with people, especially the horses. Personally, paging a bit through the White Dwarf (yes, I bought one, the 3rd issue I got myself this year) and the designer notes made me appreciate the work that went into these: The wild, manic eyes on the horses, the cut-off upper lip, the flowing capes and/or hair of the Warlocks, etc.. .

Looking at pictures of jockeys, I noticed how high they keep their legs, so I opted for a stirrup that sat under their knees rather than under their feet.

– Sculptor Mike Anderson, White Dwarf p. 144

  •  Executioners / Black Guard of Naggarond

What makes the Dark Elves releases stand out from other recent Fantasy releases is the sheer mass of new infantry released. Last month the Dreadspears, etc.., as well as a new box for Witch Elves. This month a box that makes either Executioners or Black Guard.

What I find interesting is that Games Workshop seems to be returning to a very retro-style mono-pose approach for these miniatures. Their detail is impeccable, but overall they have a very uniform and static look to them as a unit.

  • Scourgerunner / Cold One Chariot

Certainly an interesting idea with the “mono-wheel” approach. The design article in the White Dwarf talks a lot about motorbikes or racing yachts, where the crew is balancing their vehicle at high speeds with their body.

I am not 100% convinced this high-speed-racing imagery truly works on something that is – at the end of the day – is pulled by animals across the uneven surfaces of a battle field. Either way, it certainly makes Dark Elves Chariot look very unique.

  • Black Arc Fleetmaster

If that isn’t a unique character, I don’t know what is. The White Dwarf designer studio says they wanted to go over the top with this one, and they clearly succeeded.

That’s one all-out gothic-baroque elf pirate right there!

Dark Elves Second Wave Poll

Your Favourite 2nd Wave Dark Elf Release?

  • Dark Riders
  • Doomfire Warlocks
  • Har Ganeth Executioners
  • Black Guard of Naggarond
  • Scourgerunner Chariot
  • Cold One Chariot
  • Black Arc Fleetmaster
  • Other (explain in comments)