Rumour: Imperial Knights in March?

Warhammer 40K

The arguably most reliable Games Workshop rumour-mongers, 40K Radio, released another interesting piece of news. Apparently, Games Workshop will be releasing a supplement (Codex?) for Imperial Knights in March this year.

Given their titan-like proportion, it will certainly be tied (or be building upon) the recent release of Escalation. It’s also worth noting that Games Workshop did publish a recent short story by Graham McNeil about (Horus Heresy-era) Imperial Knights in their HH-Games Day anthology.

#1 – The 40K Radio Rumour

Here’s the rumour vs. 40K Radio’s Facebook page.

As you may have seen on other sites Febraury is all about the Dwarfs. So for you fans of the short and bearded get pumped. March will see the release of Imperial Knights. This year is shaping up to be a good one.

#2 – Imperial Knights?

What the hell are Imperial Knights you are asking?

Well, here is the info from Lexicanum:

Knights are smaller and less powerful one-man versions of Imperial Titans. Knights are smaller than Warhound Scout Titans, and can only mount one Titan-class weapon. These can range from Vulcan Mega-bolters to Volcano cannons.

Going the McNeil story from the Games Day anthology, Knights are commandeered by noble houses, more like Navigators and less like the Mechanicus, who control the “real” titans.

#3 – Thoughts?

It’s an off-beat rumour, and there is indubitably a lot of noise in the Games Workshop rumour-world, never more so than right now, after their sobering half-year financial report, which has stirred up all sorts of crazy theories.

However, 40K Radio, for the last few months (well, since the Space Marines Codex to my knowledge), have proven time and again, that their source is fairly genuine.

What do you think?

  • Could Games Workshop be expanding down the “Escalation-route”?
  • With Imperial Knights?
  • Would you welcome them?

Mr. Wizard: Well since riptides and wrathknights exist it is a good thing in terms
of making imperial armies more competitive. However, they will probably become the model that you now need to bring if you are trying to play competitive reducing the diversity of the game even more which kind of ruins it for me.

Zweischneid: Based on past Chaos-treatments, I’d very much doubt there will be a Chaos version.
The best would probably be that the can be allied with Chaos, and you can substitute a DreamForge Mortis Leviathan or something along those lines.