Rumoured Rules for the New 40K Eldar Wraithknight

Eldar Wraithknights from the Iyanden Craftworld

Tomorrow should see the official release of the new White Dwarf and, with it, the pre-orders for the new Eldar miniatures. Apparently, the lucky Warhammer 40K fans of France also received Games Workshop’s official email announcing the new release a few days early.

It appears that a few people in the world have already gotten their White Dwarf. People are now brooding over it to divine the new rules we will see for the Eldar in Warhammer 40K 6th Edition.

There’re more rumours and rules and stats out there than I could count. Rather than reprinting all of them, I thought I’d share the select few that have cropped up concerning the Eldar Wraithknight.

With the Eldar Wraithknight being a massive 9″ tall and – already – widely see to be the first Apocalypse-Style unit to be introduced into “regular” Warhammer 40K (the start of a future trend?), it will clearly be interesting to see how GW’s game designers have chosen to implement such a potentially disruptive and almost certainly game-defining unit on the table.

#1 – Wraithknight Rumours from Dakkadakka

This one from Ravajaxe on Dakka (via somewhere on 4Chan, which I couldn’t find).

Wraithknight (heavy support 240 points)
-Strong Profile (s10 T8 W6 AS 3+, Jumppack
– 2 heavy phantom lasers (23″ S10 AP 2 instant death on wound rolls of 6)
– alternative equipment possible – for example close combat weapons with a 5+ invul and blind special rule or a S6 5″ Blast with ap 2. with 5+ invul and blind special rule.

#2 – Rumours from Heresy Online / Age of Strife

These ones allegedly from Heresy Online (couldn’t find it there) via Age of Strife

The Wraithknight starts at about 250 points and caps around 350, and towers over even the Tau Riptide. It’s 9” tall. The Wraithknight has the ability for its weapons to become twin-linked if it hits with a scatter laser it comes equipped with, even against airborne targets. It can shoot S9 and 10 small blasts, and has a total of four weapons on it– you have a choice of several, including a huge wraithblade and a lance weapon.

#3 – Wraithknight Rumours from BellofLostSouls

From the BoLS Lounge

Wraithlord w/Brightlance Ghostglaive
Wraithknight w/suncannon, shattershield, 2x scatter lasers

#4 – “Older” Suncannon Rumours via Dakkadakka

Earlier this week, Powerguy posted the following bits on Dakkadakka

The Wraithknight is insanely huge, it is literally twice the height of a Wraithlord, and the sword option it can take is basically the size of a Wraithlord as well. It can take up to 2 Suncannons, which are S6 AP2 Heavy 3 Small Blast or up to 2 Wraithlances(?) which are presumably the heavy anti tank option. Sword replaces one of the big guns I think (they are arm mounted like the Titans). This is in addition to the two shoulder mounted heavy weapons (I saw Scatters and Starcannons, so presumably the normal range of heavy weapons are available)

#5 – Thoughts

Overall, this will be a Land Raider-priced (minimum) Monstrous Creature, with a few stats scraping at the ceiling of “10″.

From these rumours, I would guess the Wraithknight will need to have the shield he can be seen wearing on some pics to get an invulnerability save, which may be a “weak”-point.

However, if the Wraithknight does have an inv. save and Eldar continue to excel at re-rolling these saves in 6th Edition, bringing one of these things down (T8 and W6 MC, after all) will be a lot harder than dispatching a Land Raider.

The weapon options are nasty, but even the rumoured Phantom Lasers seem to have the punch of Tau Hammerhead Railgun, though the Wraithknight can take 2 and may have more shots.

Of course, all these bits and pieces are built on salt. And exact point values are missing

Still, from what you see, would you consider fielding a Wraithknight in your Eldar Army?