Sentinels of Terra – The First Space Marines Supplement

Sentinels of Terra Space Marines Codex Supplement

Games Day is coming to a close. Once again, it was a fine event, though the reduced numbers and the lack of gaming made it a very different beast from last year’s Games Day.

I’ll write a more in-depth post tomorrow or so, but here’s a quick update with two “newsy” items.

#1 – Sentinels of Terra

The first new product revealed was “Sentinels of Terra”, which was announced both in the GD Programme and on the show booth of the Digital Editions display.

I had a brief chat with a lady from the Digital Editions team. She’s obviously not a Codex writer, but part of the team doing app-design and project management.

Still, she seemed knowledgeable enough, stressing the Sentinels of Terra would not be an “Imperial Fist supplement” (as they’ve been covered in the new Space Marines Codex).

Instead, the focus is on the 3rd Company of the Imperial Fist (who now go with the honourific “Sentinels of Terra”, it appears) and to focus specifically on the history and battles of the 3rd Company with the tried Supplement-format of Missions, a few items, Warlord Traits, etc..

There also was a “preview” version of the Supplement available on one of the iPads GW had out to display eBooks. Similar to previews directly from GW’s iBookstore, it had no crunchy bits. It did have a sample mission, a few pics and a few pages of background.

Curiously, the preview seemed to feature Captain Lysander very heavily. There was a 1-page spread of the Lysander miniature and a background-chapter titled “The Rise of Lysander”. That seems to contradict the “3rd Company emphasis”, but I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

The Sentinels of Terra Space Marines Supplement will be released (as eBook) in October 2013.

I also saw printed versions of the Black Legions Chaos Space Marines Codex (both limited and unlimited), so they all seem to make it into print eventually.

#2 – Forge World Primarch Preview

Forge World Primarch Preview

The other “big news” from the event is, I suppose, a preview of the next Primarch Miniature.

I was half-afraid Forge World wouldn’t have anything new after the deluge of Pre-Releases shown the last few days, but they did. There was a Boarding Torpedo, on display in a Zone Mortalis table featuring Iron Warriors and Imperial Fist, a massive Carnosaurus thing for Lizardmen by Trish Carden (who made the Troll Hag), a Heresy Night Lords Squad and a few other bits and bobs.

I also flipped through the Horus Heresy Book 2 – Massacre, which includes army lists (including Primarchs) for Iron Hands, Night Lords, Salamanders and Word Bearers, as well as “army-list-extentions” for the armies from the first Horus Heresy book (e..g World Eaters).

It appears Forge World may be speeding up their Primarch-release schedule a bit. Hurray!