The Last White Dwarf

White Dwarf becomes Warhammer Visions

Today, retailers across the world were informed that the current White Dwarf – January 2014 – is the last White Dwarf Games Workshop will print. Starting next month, the venerable magazine, which has been around since the very early days, will be replaced by a monthly “Visions of Warhammer” and weekly smaller news pamphlet.

Of course, if you get your Games Workshop news through the White Dwarf, you’ll be the last to find out about it.

#1 – White Dwarf Visions

Rumours about the new format are a bit all over the place. Still, on the surface, it appears readers will be getting “more” of their favourite Games Workshop magazine, if they want to.

Whereas so far, we’ve had the 150 pages or so White Dwarf, once a month, we’ll soon have a monthly “Visions of Warhammer”, which will come in at about £8 (compared to the current £5.50) for more “hobby content”.

On the other hand, the miniature news, currently the large front-half of the top-heavy current White Dwarf format, will be split off into a weekly or possibly bi-weekly 32-page format.

#2 – More, Faster Releases?

There’s a lot of hopes and fears out there about the thicker, more expensive monthly “Visions of Warhammer”. Personally, I doubt it’ll return to the “hobby-article-glories” of the old days, though I am certainly open to be positively surprised.

Far more interesting, personally, is the idea of a (bi?)weekly news-sheet. Not that I think it’ll be very interesting to read, but the implication seems to be, that Games Workshop is changing from a monthly release to a weekly or biweekly release!!

You thought 2013 had a crazy release-schedule? This sure looks like Games Workshop was only warming up for 2014!

#3 – White Dwarf Readers – The Last To Know?

The odd flip side is, that loyal readers and subscribers knew nothing about this. They still wouldn’t know, if they don’t read the internet.

That, personally, strikes me as exceedingly odd.

I know Games Workshop has their secrecy-policy about miniature releases, and I can understand their reasoning (which doesn’t mean I agree with it).

  • But why keep this secret?
  • Why not make White Dwarf readers be the first to know about changes to the White Dwarf?
  • Isn’t it almost inevitable, that (more or less) long-term subscribers will feel alienated, when they hear of these changes through the blogosphere? Or, assuming GW would’ve kept this totally under wraps, when the new “Warhammer Visions” arrives on their doorstep?

I really see no upside to keeping this one close to the chest (other than a cheeky Lord of Change as the current White Dwarf parting-shot).

There are no “miniature-sales” that could go lost. It’s almost as if they want to prove to the world that the White Dwarf is not a good source for Games Workshop news!

#3 – Thoughts?

Well, enough of my little rant.

What do you think?

  • Is a radical change (and a possible burning of the old White Dwarf brand) a good/necessary thing?
  • Is it headed into the right direction?
  • Is “Warhammer Visions” something you could be excited about?