THON Kickstarter Cancelled

Thon the Kickstarter Cancelled

Sad news for a Kickstarter-project I have been looking forward to for a while. The Kickstarter for Thon the Game has been cancelled.

It is with a heavy heart that I cancel funding on THON. The upside is that we will return bigger and better, with this experience behind us.

I have no exact timeframe but please stay tuned to Facebook and the official page.

Thon the Game off Kickstarter

The reason for cancelling the project is fairly clear looking at the funding progress on Kicktraq. Thon got off to a killer-start, but started bleeding backers and funding soon after.

By this trend, the project would’ve likely soon dropped below the funding goal of 30.000 USD within the next few days (down from over 50.000 USD at one point).Kickstarter thon the Game

Thon the Game Funding Progress on Kicktraq

Of course, that is as much the symptom of the malaise, not the problem itself.

Why did Thon loose backers (and the public spotlight) so badly? I honestly don’t know. I thought Thon did a lot of the things right that – for example – Gates of Antares did wrong.

  • Thon had lots of great concept art
  • Thon had plastic miniatures
  • Thon had build anticipation and interest months before starting the campaign
  • Thon had a unique idea with its “3-games-approach“

Yet somewhere along the line, the people behind Thon apparently couldn’t keep up the hype and interest. From occasionally skimming the discussion on Dakkadakka, it also seems that Thon might have had a “Dystopian Legions”-style of scale, with their miniature-shots being obviously too large for “cross-purpose” use in other popular 28mm sci-fi skirmish wargames other than Thon.

If you know more, let me know in the comments below.

I sure hope Thon will be back in one form or another. There clearly is lots of potential in this and I’d love to see it realized.