Twelve Elements of War Kickstarter Cancelled

Twelve Elements of War

Gamezone’s Fantasy dungeon-crawler board-game, riding on the old Heroquest brand-name, unlocked several hundred thousand dollars on Kickstarter before being shut down. Ever since, they’ve been chasing opportunities to get back on a crowd-funding platform.

On the other end, Twelve Elements of War, with a freshly developed fantasy game, great concept art and promising miniatures has been struggling despite a good early start. Now, Sword and Board Games, the people behind Twelve Elements of War, decided to cancel their current campaign and go back to polishing their (already highly polished) campaign for a – hopefully – more successful attempt in the summer.


A brief look over on Kicktraq shows how the project has been starved of attention after a promising start.

Twelve Elements of War

A shame.

Truly, the comparison with Heroquest 25 pointedly demonstrates the pure money-making power of a well-established IP (opposite the legal troubles it brings), not to mention the trials of keeping up the relentless promotion to keep a Kickstarter-campaign going, which companies like CoolMiniOrNot perfected.