Review – Tabletop Tyrant Figure Case

Tabletop Tyrant Figure Case

Early this month, I reviewed the Kingmaker “half-size” Figure Case from Tabletop Tyrant. It’s a good case to have, especially for packing my DreadBall, X-Wing and similar miniatures.

For a proper wargaming army, their flagship Tyrant Figure case is probably the better choice, offering a lot more space for miniatures of all kinds.

#1 – The Tyrant: More Space!

As the description implies, the “full-sized” Tyrant Figure Case can pack twice the amount of foam as the “half-sized” Kingmaker Figure Case. Filling the Tyrant up only with 28mm infantry trays, it could carry up to 288 miniatures! Easily enough for most wargaming armies.

As with the Kingmaker case, one things I greatly enjoy from Tabletop Tyrant (or, Gifts for Geeks, as it were), is there no-nonsense online-tool for fitting your case with the kind of foam trays you need.

To better get to all the miniatures, the Tyrant Figure case can be zipped up around the side –  as seen in the picture above – folding out most of the cover for easy access to all the trays. It’s a cool feature that makes the Tyrant a decent “ad-hoc miniature shelf” at the gaming table.

#3 – The Foam Trays

Tabletop Tyrant

The foam trays, obviously, are the same as with the Kingmaker Case (just a lot more of them!), which is as it should be, as this makes trays interchangeable between the different cases.

#3 – Verdict

I thought the Kingmaker Case was a fine product, and the Tyrant (which, I think, came out first) is much the same, simply larger. For £41.00 (£46.00 RRP) it offers good protection for an army of miniatures on the move. The custom trays (as always with Tabletop Tyrant, included in the price!) make sure that it’ll fit any army. Flexibility, once again, is the key.

Moreover, I really like the fold-out option, making it easier to get to the lower trays. The material of the case itself is top-notch. The one thing that is possibly missing would be a side pocket or two for books, pens, etc.. . However, given the heft of wargaming rules these days, Warhammer 40K in particular, those tend to need a bag of their own (or a spot instead of tray) anyhow.