Warhammer 40K Rumour Fight – BoLS vs. 40K Radio

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I admit, the work of Warhammer 40K (and Fantasy) rumour-mongers is hard, dangerous and thankless. Lots of misinformation, lots of vague wishlists being flaunted as rumours, and very few, if any, good indicators of what is, or could be, a genuine rumour.

This January, the Warhammer 40K is treated to a special treat: Two rumours on the alleged revision/new edition of Warhammer 40K this summer. Two Rumours that are as nearly the exact opposites of one another, one from Bell of Lost Souls and one from 40K Radio.

Only one of them can be true (though they could both be wrong).

A delicious dilemma of those fond of trying to predict the future of 40K releases.

Rumour 40K Radio – 7th, No Minis, Crimson Slaughter

Earlier this weekend, 40K Radio – which have leaked some very accurate rumours over the past month, put a bit of meat to their controversial Warhammer 40K 7th Edition rumour.

Some updates on 7th edition: 1) It will purely be a book release. 2) It could be released as early as May.

On the Chaos Space Marine Releases. 1) Look for the stuff to be released beginning of summer. 2) Crimson Slaughter(CSM in the DV starter) might receive a Supplement as well.

In essence

  • A “genuine” new 7th Edition of Warhammer 40K
  • No new boxed set (book only)
  • Release date May (before the end of GW’s currently sub-par fiscal year)
  • Possibly (!) a Crimson Slaughter supplement, which would only make sense if Dark Vengeance sticks around

Rumour BoLS – 6th Edition Revised, Orks vs. Blood Angels

On the other hand, the world’s largest wargaming blog, Bell of Lost Souls, broke news todayfrom high-confidence sources” that claim the exact opposite: A not truly-7th-Edition later in the year, but with a shiny new starter box instead!

Launch Window – @September
Rules Summary: Updated Mini-rulebook contains FAQs, minor tweaks and clarifications, and much of Stronghold Assault rolled into a new shiny package.Miniatures included: @70Armies:Blood Angels (plastic quick assembly)- Assault Marine Squad- Tactical Marine Squad- Death Company Squad- Captain (kitted out for assault)- Chaplain- Sanguinary Priest (limited edition, similar to the Dark Vengeance mini was)Orks (plastic quick assembly)- ‘Ardboys (full mob)
– Nobs (small squad)- Warboss- Big Mek- Ork themed fortificationThis was described as simply an updated Warhammer 40,000 Starter Set and specifically “NOT 7th Edition.” In essence

  • An “updated” 6th Edition of Warhammer 40K
  • Big new box of shiny miniatures
  • Release date in September (GW’s next fiscal year)
  • Crimson Slaughter probably going the way of the Dodo without Dark Vengeance

Who Do You Believe?

There can only be one (or none). Let’s put it to a vote!

Which Rumour Do You Believe?

  • 40K Radio – Chaos & Dark Angels fight in 7th
  • BoLS – Orks & Blood Angels fight in 6th Revised
  • Other…. or Neither