Storm of Vengeance Previews – Ravenwing, Comms & More!

A month ago, the developers from Eutechnyx were kind enough to share some unit previews of their upcoming Storm of Vengeance game (based on the classic Dark Angels vs. Orks 40K campaign of the same name), asking for feedback and opinions from the community.

Now, Eutechnyx sent out a new package of previews for upcoming units. As before, opinions, feedback and constructive criticism would be very much appreciated.

But enough word… on to the previews. This time, it’s all about the Dark Angels!

#1 – Ravenwing Biker

Storm of Vengeance Dark Angels Ravenwing Biker

#2 – Dark Angels Drop Pod

Storm of Vengeance Dark Angels Drop Pod

#3 – Dark Angels Rhino

Dark Angels Rhino

#4 – Dark Angels Comms

Storm of Vengeance Dark Angels Comss Station

Feedback Wanted!

There we go! If you can spare a moment to type a little feedback, it would be much appreciated. Not just for me, but for the guys at Eutechnyx!

  • Which of those 4 do you like best? And why?
  • What feature do you think is well done?
  • Which one do you like the least?
  • What would you personally change?

DatChu: “I like the bike but the biker seems to be off scale. He looks like is a chibi standing on the bike.The backdrop is very nice but it is greatly covered in most shots. I will make the main subject a bit smaller. More mud on the bike, also add some plasma please”