Warhammer Fantasy High Elves Up for Pre-Order

High Elves Arrive

The time has come for the Asur to leave their homeland of Ulthuan and march to war!

Pre-orders for the new Warhammer High Elves, most of which have been leaked last week, are now up.

  • High Elves Pre-Order page from Games Workshop
  • High Elves Pre-Order page from Wayland Games (for some tasty savings)

Some Observations

High Elves lImited Edition Army Book

Overall, there is nothing highly surprising in this release, though it obviously is a very large release (which I feel should be noted, given the unprecedented pace at which Games Workshop keeps releasing new armies for Warhammer and Warhammer 40k this year).

  • Limited Edition Army Book

Has there been a Limited Edition Army Book for a Warhammer Fantasy army before? Feels like this is the first one, though I could be wrong. Either way, High Elves players can now opt for a shiny GBP 55,- Limited Edition Army book.

  • Plastic Loremaster of Hoeth

These plastic single characters are quickly becoming a standard with each release. Still, it is interesting to see what Games Workshop does with these. Once more, this is a very nice, very dynamically posed miniature.

In comparison, the two new Finecast miniatures, the Handmaiden of the Everqueen and Alarielle the Radiant feel oddly “1990s” in their overall pose (e.g. very thick spears) despite the supposedly superior finecast material.

  • One-Click Bundles

Does anyone get the Games Workshop one-click bundles? They offer no savings that I can see, yet Games Workshop seems to be releasing more of them with each new release.

For High Elves alone, there are:

  1. High Elves One-Click Launch Bundle (GBP 143,-)
  2. Warriors of the White Lion (GBP 111,-)
  3. Warriors of the Flame (GBP 97,-)
  4. Warriors of the Blade (GBP 94,-)
  5. Warriors of Avelorn (GBP 80,50)
  6. Warriors of the Sea (GBP 77,-)
  7. The Glittering Warhost of Ithilmar Tower (GBP 430,-)
  8. Barjarr Redfist’s Ravenous Raiders (GBP 419,-)

The “Warriors of…” bundles usually combine only one or two of the new Characters with a unit. The last two are (I presume) the armies from this month’s White Dwarf battle report.

Do these things really make a difference (given that they offer no savings… only “thematic groupings”)?

I am a bit puzzled by these.