Warhammer Visions & White Dwarf Weekly Cover Preview

White Dwarf – as we’ve known it for the past … well … 15 months or so, is dead. Long live White Dwarf Weekly & Warhammer Visions!

A poster advertising the new magazines has made the rounds (specifically on Dakka).

Have a look!


Black Library gives a preview of the White Dwarf cover..

White Dwarf Dwarf Release Cover

#1 – White Dwarf Weekly & Warhammer Visions

White Dwarf Weekly & Visions

Moreover, it is worth noting that the the various languages the old White Dwarf was published in, are now seemingly consolidated into two multi-language versions of the magazine – at least for the larger, monthly (less text-intensive) Warhammer: Visions.

Warhammer Visions

#2 – Thoughts?

The White Dwarf Weekly (I guess they didn’t want to kill the brand) look very much like the old White Dwarf. Even though it is only 36 or so pages thick (and, as the name suggests, released weekly), they are (for the moment) using the old design.

Warhammer Visions, the new monthly “super-magazine”, however, is giving a very clear sign of the directions it wants to go, not just in the name, but also in the cover. It’s well and truly a printed version of the ‘Eavy Metal teams Flickr Pool, it appears.

Also… Dwarves!