Mantic Games – Warpath Deadzone Kickstarter soon!

Mantic Games is clearly on a roll. Alessio Cavatore’s Loka, which Mantic is publishing, closed yesterday with a whopping USD 104,172.-. Congratulations Mr. Cavatore!!!

But Mantic Games is not about to waste any time not being on Kickstarter with something. After DreadBall gave lots of hints and teasers on possible races and factions that might appear in Mantic’s Warpath sci-fi universe, more details of the upcoming Warpath Deadzone Kickstarter have been posted by Mantic’s official Dakka-ninja Scarletsquig.

#1 – Mantic Kickstarter “Leak”

Hot off the press, here’s everything I currently know about this:

  • Deadzone will be a sci-fi skirmish game, set in Mantic’s Warpath universe.
  • It will be a Kickstarter, at some undetermined point in the next few months.
  • It will feature the Plague and the Enforcers as the two main factions, both of which will receive a massive amount of releases and launch two new armies for Warpath.
  • Other factions are hinted at being included.
  • Plastic terrain will be a core part of the game.

A couple of snippets of background for Deadzone have surfaced, detailing the setting:

A Deadzone is created by a Plague Outbreak. When something triggers an outbreak the Corporation and Council find out very quickly and shut down the infected zone and a swathe of planetary systems around. An update is triggered to all Navcomps deleting the Deadzone from record – it no longer exists. If you were heading there you get a new destination, if you are inside when it goes.. you now have no destinations in your Navcomp and are considered collateral damage.
Understandably, there are still a lot of resources, etc stuck inside a Deadzone. The Council sends the Enforcers in to secure anything they feel is valuable, the Enforcers are also responsible for minimising witnesses.. that includes Plague and other Corporation troopers as well as pretty much anybody that crosses their path within the Deadzone.

Other factions flock to a Deadzone – lesser Corporations illegally utilise Marauder Mercenaries to seize assets and conduct black ops. The Forge Fathers have rich pickings on minerals, ores, etc. The Rebels have solar systems full of supplies.. etc. The Plague will kill most of the populace but leave the infrastructure, assets, etc mostly intact and recoverable.

Teaser image, has been around since December, so this has been in the planning stage for quite some time:

Kickstarter Mantic Games Warpath Teaser

#2 – Zombies in Spaaaaaaaaaaace

Curiously enough, this almost sounds like it still isn’t the “full” Warpath miniatures wargame (which will presumably get a Kickstarter at some point), but also a preceding Warpath skirmish game designed to flesh out two key factions… the “undead” Plaque and the Enforcers.

Which is probably the smart thing to do. Building an entire sci-fi wargaming universe is likely a goal to ambitious for a single Kickstarter, not least because smaller, more self-contained “board-games” or boxed games tend to fare better on that platform.

Sci-fi elite soldiers in advanced power armour fighting Zombies in Spaaaaaaaace?

Also a safe bez.

Given Mantic’s Kickstarter experience, this will surely be a hit and quite likely Mantic’s first Kickstarter to breach the magic 1-million-dollar mark.